Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

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Retrain your unconscious mind  with all the messages, that work perfectly for you

Give yourself the greatest gift of all – your personal freedom

When you were little, you had no filter to separate the thousands of messages that you were constantly subjected to through your very early development. You were a a human sponge, processing every thing that was bombarding your mind, about you and your own environment.

Files in your unconscious mind, (as in the hard drive of our computers) became the very foundation of who you are – who you would become. The operating system, the conscious mind – would and could from this time onwards, search for the file that was in your unconscious mind before acting out any request that you wanted to achieve for you – no file, meant no result.

The most basic need, that we all require, for a happy and healthy life, was not in your unconscious mind – or corrupted in some way – the basic foundation that we all need was not working for us.


I am currently writing my book “There is No More – Enough is Enough”. It was when I came to this decision , in my  life that I became totally responsible for all that was happening or not happening in my life – it was now time to let go of the need to justify my actions and reactions, by judging  and blaming others for what I was feeling – my feelings are my feelings, and only I can feel them, so it was then, and only then that I had to to take responsibility for the choices that I was making, that attracted to me wonderful opportunities for my  learning and my growth.

When I judged others, I was judging myself. When I blamed others I  was also blaming myself – and so the downward spiral continued and effected me in many areas of my life.

Nothing was going to change, or could change until I said: “Enough is Enough” and then my journey back home to the real me, began.

It was 40 years ago, that I began creating more and more opportunities for my very own personal growth. Each series was different, and the benefits became very real to me – but I felt that there was always more, and there was – so I continued to create many more series until I knew from every level of my being that there did not need to be more, The “Believe and Achieve Series” and the  “Manifestation Gold Series” – they where absolutely enough in every way.

Each one of these Series has been created with love and are embedded with the Reiki Universal Energy.

The music that I am very privileged to be able to use in most of these Mp3’s is composed by an amazing artist called Herb Ernst – he intuitively and lovingly has created the wonderful music, that takes you to amazing realms of discovery, in a very peaceful and relaxing way, each piece, certainly inspires our whole being to even greater heights

That basic message:

I am loved and lovable

I love and respect myself in every way

Today and every day is a happy day

I make the perfect choices for me every day in every way

Every day in every way, it just keeps getting better and better

I trust the process of life and my part in it

I am positive, confident and always calm

I am safe

Start now your journey to remembering just who you are – and what you have come to achieve at this life time. This is your time on this planet to authentically shine, in all areas of this beautiful life you were born to live!

YOU NOW KNOW THAT YOU HAVE CHOICE IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE – embrace all of the possibilities that are ALL, WITHIN YOU, by achieving your goals for happiness and success, and allowing it to become your reality, in all areas of your life.


YOU ARE NEVER ALONE – we at the Academy of Awakening will support you as much as you allow us to. 


MP3 audio – download immediately and listen


10 (Ten) Audio Affirmation Titles PLUS Bonus Articles.

  1. The Power of Love – Believe and Achieve Series
  2. I am Enough – Manifestation Gold Series
  3. Gifts of Gratitude – Manifestation Gold Series
  4. No More Blame – Believe and Achieve Series
  5. Supreme Self Confidence – Believe and Achieve Series
  6. Peak Performance – Believe and Achieve Series
  7. Inspiring Choices-  Believe and Achieve Series
  8. Handling Criticism – Believe and Achieve Series
  9. The Power of a Dream – Manifestation Gold Series
  10. Free to be ME – Manifestation Gold Series (Value: $110.00)


We are very excited about giving you our BRAND NEWRelease Stress & Gain Authenticity mp3

This is about as good as it gets, for all that have chosen to honour their whole being, by recognising that the “Silent Killer” is stress

   Release Stress & Gain Authenticity – Manifestation Gold Series

Each of the BELIEVE and ACHIEVE products has has 3 tracks:

Track 1: Audible Affirmations and absolutely beautiful calming music

Track 2: The same affirmations, and silent affirmations embedded within the music

Track 3: The Believe and Achieve mp3′ has a track for you to listen to in your car


Track 1: Audible Affirmations and absolutely beautiful calming music

Track 2: The same affirmations, and silent affirmations embedded within the music


These Mp3’s can be used as often as you can – while you sleep or when you are awake. The more you use them, the more you will feel the results coming to you, and through you.


A powerful bonus, that I am very excited to offer is:

One half hour FREE consultation via Skype/ Telephone  ( within Australia only) as a great starter to your very own transformation… (Value: $60.00)


Please download  your tapping sheet from the Emotional Freedom Techniques section of my website  

Tap out the pain and tap in the pleasure, effortlessly and easily – do it for you


Skype ID: suepak02  please add  the word INTRO to your request  or connect

Download your MP3 after purchase. (Note these files are around 150MB each, so depending on your connection to the internet, these can take some time to download.)