Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

Contact Sue:
0418 542 025


Frequently Asked Questions

You may post your questions, queries and personal feedback by emailing us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We’d love to share your questions with others. If you are happy for your question to be placed on our site please give us permission to do so.

Here are examples of the questions and comments we have been asked:

Q. Hi Sue Great web site. I have a question that I would love you to give me some clarity on: why are your downloads audible/subliminal when all others produce either audible or subliminal – in your opinion, what is the advantage of the two options combined.
Kind regards, Estha
A. Thank you Estha for your input. I have worked with and shared all of my work with many friends and family – the results were:

  1. Most wanted to know what is embedded in the Music – the audible affirmations gave them extra focus. 

  2. Many where just pleased with the results and to have my support with what came up for them and to be able to get greater benefit from using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) by tapping on the audible Affirmations. 

  3. A few had trust issues and so the inner knowing that what they could hear was what was embedded in the music allowed them to embark on their journey with an open attitude.

Q. You have so many titles – how do I know what is right for me?
A. Thank you for your inquiry – I have been asked this many times and I usually answer in a way of suggesting that I have written three of the mp3’s for that specific reason. They are:

  1. Learning to Love Yourself
  2. Supreme Self Confidence
  3. Rocketing your Self Esteem

When we believe in ourselves, deeply and completely, we can begin to make positive choices that work for us on our unique and independent journeys.

Q. Sue, would you really advise that I write and speak my own affirmations?
Good work. I wish you well, from George
A. Absolutely George – your affirmations, spoken in your own voice are the most powerful tool that I offer and I certainly encourage as many people as I can to change their life in this way. I support you in your choices of Affirmations by asking a few questions and pointing you in a direction of your choice. Please email me with your thoughts and let us get it all happening for you.

Q. Can I use my audible/subliminal recording while I am walking or while I am working on my computer or as background music in my home?
(Name withheld)
A. You can use these files for your own private use in any way that works for you except when you are operating any kind of machinery. Ethically, I cannot and will not recommend that your choice of personal growth be allowed to invade the personal space of anyone without their considered acceptance of the content.