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Contact Sue:
0418 542 025


Affirmations for Self Empowerment

Powerful Affirmation MP3s & CDs are ready for you NOW

Buy Online and choose your Affirmation Audio Files in MP3 or CD format from our extensive library.

Choose from our Range of Titles

1. Personal Development
2. Powerful Relationships
3. Perfect Health
4. Mind Enhancement
5. Self Confidence
6. Meditation
7. New Releases

If you don’t see exactly what you need in our library of titles, you may wish to order your own Personalised Affirmations.

When you use your own voice and your own affirmations, you can attract amazing experiences into your life. This is most certainly a way for you to move forward in your life in a very positive way. Here’s what to do next…

NOW is the time for your awakening…
NOW you can travel within & access your own true power…
You’ve ALWAYS had this power within.

It’s YOUR time to reprogram your mind, so you can make choices that are appropriate for the life you choose to live, and the work you choose to do.

During our developmental stages in early childhood, we all take on many different beliefs about ourselves and our environment. Some work for us and most certainly some don’t. Some work against our discovering that blissful place, that elusive peace in our hearts, that personal goal, that we all deserve to achieve in our lives.

The power of positive affirmations is that, over a period of approximately 28 days of regular listening, the negative thoughts and beliefs that have controlled the way you have lived your life until now can be overpowered. It is that simple.

What You’ll Receive

There are 3 tracks for each title:

Track 1 has about 10 minutes of audible affirmations. A different Affirmation comes through each ear, and then those very same Affirmations are embedded into the music. The messages are exactly the same as you have just listened to, but are no longer audible.

You may choose to further enhance the power of your Affirmations by using the powerful Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tapping on your fingers during the audible part of this track.

Embedded in the music is a barely audible Brainwave Frequency for learning, allowing the mind to absorb these messages even more effectively.

Track 2 is 30 minutes of music, containing the same Affirmations and a brainwave frequency that can integrate both hemispheres of the brain, allowing you to feel comfortable, relaxed and calm.

Track 3 is designed for use in the car has about 10 minutes of audible affirmations. A different Affirmation comes through each ear, and then those very same Affirmations are embedded into the music. The messages are exactly the same as you have just listened to, but are no longer audible. This track can be played in the car, and on your pc  because it does not contain anything, other than messages which are totally empowering and easily absorbed by your mind.

Repetition is the answer for breaking down those old, outdated messages that previously formed our beliefs, and subsequently became our behaviour in the past. You are moving on now – it is now time to make the choice to change

About the Music

The music on this series of CDs comes from Thaddeus. Thaddeus’ music is created to awaken your inner strength, to heal past pain, to lift you out of denser energies into the light, and link you with the Beings of Light who always stand ready to assist you.

Music may be obtained at

A Caution

The Affirmation Audible Series must not be used while operating machinery or driving your car and are best used with headphones as you drift off to sleep each night.

Other options could be to:
• Include Track 2 on your PC to play while you are working, or
• Include your selection on your MP3 player, and use them while you do your daily exercises.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are the statements that we all repeat to ourselves every day. They are either created by us or given to us by others. Every thought we think and every word we say is affirming what we believe to be true – they are thought patterns that we take on in from early childhood and form our belief system that is stored in our unconscious mind. These affirmations become our natural response to our every day behavior, so if our response is not working for us, it is then we need to use positive affirmations to change the outcomes to whatever outcome we desire or want/need for ourselves.

Why Affirmations Work

Affirmations work at the unconscious level of our minds which does not discriminate. It accepts whatever the conscious mind sends it. So if your conscious mind has made a decision with strong intention to change a core belief, the subconscious mind will simply accept it. Affirmations, when practiced deliberately and regularly, reinforce a chemical pathway in the brain, making the connection between two neurons stronger, and therefore more likely to conduct the same message again.

You’re not alone.

If you’d like to contact Sue McDonald at the Academy of Awakening to discuss your special needs, you may email her to arrange a webcam or telephone consultation.

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