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Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

Manifestation Gold: Wealth Beyond Belief


“Wealth beyond Belief” is such a powerful and empowering Mp3 which was given to me in a very new and powerfully positive way. It is designed to stimulate the listener, to the endless possibilities that they may have taken on – and has been adopted by the ego mind as to what we want, whilst the positive realisations go right to the unconscious mind. Beliefs around financial abundance, are paralysing  and the stress that we carry in our bodies, turns our complete life upside down. Money is simply an energy, that we use to exchange for goods and services provided by others – it is now time to change the way that we think about it because if you are not attracting it into your life, it is an “inside job”  that you CAN do something about it

This Mp3 has 3 tracks:

1. Audible debate of possibilities

2. Positive suggestions silenced

3. An Mp3 for your car

There is no brainwave frequencies, so this Mp3 can be played as much and as long as you desire.


MP3 audio – download immediately and listen


Emotions from your past, where you saw or felt your parents worry about money – can also create energetic blocks.

Emotions can also come in the form of guilt for having too much when others don’t have enough, or anger that money doesn’t come to you as easily as it does to others, or even frustration that you have to spend on things you wished you didn’t.

  •    Do you get anxious when you have to pay bills?
  •    Do you avoid looking at your bank accounts?
  •    Do you compulsively spend?
  •    Are you in a place where you have a serious lack of money?

You have beliefs that no longer work for you :

  •    Money doesn’t grow on trees (translates to “there isn’t enough”)
  •    Money is evil
  •    You have to work really hard and give up everything else to be successful
  •    Rich people are selfish

“Money has never made man happy,
nor will it, 
there is nothing in its nature to produce
happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants…”

Benjamin Franklin

Affirmations for Fears around Money

    • Whatever I can conceive,I believe.
    • If I see it in my mind, I am going  to hold it in my hand.
    • I open myself to receiving  abundance of the Universe.
    • The Universe provides me with all that I will ever need.
    • I am richly blessed.
    • I am love.
    • I am One with Spirit.
    • My higher self rules over my ego.
    • My spirit dances in step with joy in my heart.
    • I am whole and in perfect health
    • Every cell in my body vibrates with health and positiveenergy.
    • Beauty is the breath of my soul.
    • I see beauty every where I go.
    • I am financially wealthy!
    • Checks arrive in my in box every single day.

Download your MP3 now, and in 5 minutes you will be on a whole new journey of abundance and opportunity.