Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

NEW Manifestation Gold Series

The Mind Retraining Program For An Empowering Life…


Start becoming the real you and living the life you were born to live

Manifestation Gold Series consists of:

  • 8 Titles each with 2 Tracks – 1 audible track and one silenced track
  • Mp3 (1) consists of Audible Affirmations and Silenced Affirmations for “Wealth Beyond Belief
  • Mp3 (2) consists of Audible Affirmations and Silenced Affirmations for “Limiting Beliefs
  • Mp3 (3) consists of Audible Affirmations and Silenced Affirmations for “Excellent Health
  • Mp3 (4) consists of Audible Affirmations and Silenced Affirmations for “Manifesting Miracles
  • Mp3 (5) consists of Audible Affirmations and Silenced Affirmations for “Gifts of Gratitude
  • Mp3 (6) consists of Audible Affirmations and Silenced Affirmations for “Me-Mergence
  • Mp3 (7) consists of Audible Affirmations and Silenced Affirmations for “I am Enough
  • Mp3 (8) consists of Audible Affirmations and Silenced Affirmations for “The Power of Love

The Silent Gold Series consists of:

4 Titles each with 2 Tracks – 1 Silenced track with beautifully relaxing and de-stressing music which carries you to an even deeper depth of your amazing mind and one silenced track (no sound)

The titles for these Mp3’s are (the name says it all):

The most powerful gift from an amazing Musician completes this series and makes it the most powerful choice that you can make for you Right NOW.

About the artist:

herb ernstHerb Ernst:

Herb is a composer and musician from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. His focus is to produce gentle, intuitive music to aid in the healing of our wonderful world.
Jack Clarke, author of Life After Grief — A Soul Journey After Suicide, said of Herb: “When meeting him, the source of his marvelous music is better understood, for Herb Ernst is an extraordinary spiritual being. Perhaps that is why Shirley MacLaine chose his music for three-fourths of her Going Within double audiocassette.

His Dreamflight Trilogy is one of the finest sets of New Age music tapes ever created.”
Herb was born in San Diego, California, on March 11, 1950.
He began piano lessons at age eight. As his father was in
the military, the family traveled extensively in both Europe
and the United States. Herb entered college to study music but became bored with structured musical ideas and methodology. As a new social awareness was developing in the 1960’s, he changed his major from music to sociology and graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology in 1972. In 1977, he returned to school to earn an Associate of Science degree in electronics. Herb then began to experiment with combining his knowledge of electronics and music.

In his youth, Herb developed an interest in metaphysics and a love for meditation. With meditation he explored new musical forms and the possibilities of using music for meditative purposes. With his sociological perspective and background in psychology coupled with his musical prowess and electronics expertise, Herb has achieved a unique integration of metaphysics, meditation, music and electronics and, through
this process, has been able to attune with deeper levels of sensitivity to create music that incorporates tonal symbols to create intuitive meaning to enable the listener to commune and communicate with the Higher Self..

Here’s what our customers are saying

Dolores & Harry Ramsbottom
“I want to thank you, Sue and Graham, for the meditations you provide. They are soothing and empowering, I believe they are instrumental in the internal peace we are experiencing at the moment.”    –  Dolores

“Sue I would like thank you for the awesome meditations you have sent me. It took me many years to get out of my own way and realise how empowering meditation is. Your approach to mediation has given me such a wonderful calming feeling, it is awesome, thank you very much.”   –  Harry


Peter Arvanitis:


I first met Sue McDonald over 10 years ago and I can honestly say that it was has been one of the best things to ever happen in my life.

Sue is an exceptional individual with a heart of gold, her open arms and ‘unconditional love’ always there to comfort you in time of confusion, chaos and uncertainty.

My journey through life, with Sue, to this day still is one of an analytical, challenging and inquisitive nature with an unmeasurable positive influence and outcome.

When I first met Sue I was not in a happy place both in mind and body, I was a lost soul.

And yet here in front of me stood this individual – tall, strong and proud with a smile on her face and open arms to embrace me; to hold me tight and in a gentle voice whisper ‘It’s Ok! Let it out… let it out… you need to release…’. This was my first experience of ‘unconditional love’ and for that, I am truly grateful.

It has taken all of Sue’s ‘unconditional love’, knowledge, support, understanding along with her light & sound therapy; the introduction of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); Sue’s audible and subliminal CD collection to slowly change 40 years of programming and conditioning that the mind had been subjected to.

In the ten years that I have known Sue I personally have been exposed to many (if not all) of her techniques to retrain the beliefs and behaviour patterns that were imposed on me as a child.

When I think of Sue one word come to mind, ‘Trust’, and for me without this trust there would be no me. With trust, comes a bond between two people; a friendship and unconditional love has evolved just like I have grown out of the constraints of my conditioned mind. I now can stay that ‘I am’.

Sue’s latest Manifestation Gold Series are the pinnacle of Sue’s journey in life to produce the ultimate audible and subliminal CD collection – and she has succeeded.

And for those who are fortunate to be part of Sues’ journey in life would identify, understand and agree that we are blessed and honoured to be part of her extended family and ‘circle of friends’.

Sue, thank you being you and being part of my growth in my journey through life.

I now ‘keep charging ahead, and I don’t take ‘No’ for an answer … Love you to bits    Peter A

joanegouldingJoane Goulding:

Hi Sue, Loved the new audios that you have developed. I use them everyday, in the car – in the office – in fact I think I’ve programmed my self to just take a breath and remain calm. This information and knowledge is just so much needed at the moment in my life. As a professional that’s worked in the world of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Psychotherapy and Counseling for over 40 years I’m so blessed that you are in my world. Who helps the helpers? Sue McDonald does. Yes !!!! big hugs.

Terri Kolokossian:

TerriI take this opportunity to deeply and completely thank from my whole being my mentor Sue McDonald for her undivided support while on the program. All though my life is a continuous joyful journey; this amazing program has taken me to the next level towards my life long dreams; which are now becoming my reality. Change your thoughts and believe in yourself – we are not ‘broken’.

I am now in control of my thoughts as ‘I now am choosing what I desire”. Living with gratitude at the highest level of consciousness that is perfect for me. This program is everything you will need to have positive loving thoughts, that will lead you to full fill your life dreams.

“Thank you” Sue McDonald & Graham Johnson for your collaborated brilliance. Forever blessed!
Terri xxx

Graham Johnson:


Sue McDonald has lovingly and unconditionally shared her unique gifts and skills to all who ‘Believe And Achieve’ in their pre-destined ability to awaken and experience a more rewarding and fulfilling life and would like to offer you, clear intuitive spiritual guidance and empowering presence to eradicate all false perception of emotional challenges in your life, and to vibrationally support you through every aspect of the spiritual journey and unique experience of spiritual awakening.

Sue’s offerings are your invitation to directly experience the joy of easing the mind and opening the doorway of your heart-space, where you will discover an endless depth of effortless freedom, eternal love and the life your were born to lead – having realised your life is a journey of learning, growth and experience in transcending with authenticity and ownership of all we attract – for our highest level of being.

It is time for you to break free of the illusory ‘prison paradigm’ and begin the ‘reprogramming’ process of your subconscious mind – awakening to the you, you were before the world, your parents, and the conditioning of your malleable mind – moulded you into becoming.

The universe is watching and is ready to reward you, for remembering who you are…

Re-align with who you really are, who you are, and who you have always been. Your spirit. Your consciousness. Your heart. The miracle that is you.

‘Manifestation Gold Series’ has quite remarkably changed my life in every conceivable, imaginable way, and aligned myself with the true power of my soul – my inner voice and a serene tranquility of becoming the observer, the witness to life.

It has been Sue McDonald’s life’s work to bring this ‘humanity saving’ program into the realms and the reach of those souls who sense the remembering, of who they really are.

I love and bless you Sue, for being all that is, and all that you are…  simply you.