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Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

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Brain Sync Brainwave Therapy, Kelly Howell Centre for Personal Re-invention
Confidence Beyond Belief, Brad Yates & Steve G Jones FasterEFT, Robert Smith
First Step Internet Marketing, Judith & Jim

Mind Power MP3

Overcome the Fear of being Fabulous

No More Jealousy, Susie & Otto Collins Natural Hypnosis
Should You Stay or Should You Go? Susie & Otto Collins Stop Talking on Eggshells, Susie & Otto Collins
SleepTalk for Children - The Goulding Process

Parents, check this site out. Joanne Goulding has developed a practical and easy way to help young children build emotional resilience. It’s a process that’s been working for families for more than 30 years.
Subliminal Power
Has an amazing program that you load onto your PC or Mac and regulate your own choice of subliminal suggestions flashing around your screen while you work.
Subliminal Studio

My favorite tool that I have used to create all of my CD’s. It is so easy and comes with so many tools including the amazing Adobe Auction trial version – you can be making your own CD’s almost instantly.

Other Useful Links & Resources