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0418 542 025

Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

Faster EFT


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Many of us who wish to really help people, begin our journey with trying to help someone in our family who has problems or an illness. Or we want to work on ourselves.

We seek healing methods, modalities and tools… anything that would work to make us feel better. This search often becomes a passion about helping others in the process of our learnings as well. We take courses, get certifications of all kinds and soak up all kinds of philosophies and tools. We go from one course and certification to another because it’s just not quite “it”. Not quite what we’ve been looking for… Until now.

Robert Smith, Founder of FasterEFT

Robert Smith went through a similar journey for many years before fine tuning his true and tried methods to help people. He began his journey to help himself and his family heal their own problems, and it grew into an insatiable passion to help others as well. For over a decade, he’s been helping thousands of people.

He has worked with thousands of people individually, but has also helped thousands of others remotely through his YouTube Channel with hundreds of FREE videos. These videos have helped many people take control of their own lives and create the life they have always dreamed of. He receives countless emails with testimonials and gracious thanks and he now travels the world teaching people on how to help themselves.

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You will be impressed with what you learn. If you apply this teaching, you will feel and see drastic changes in your life.

All of this is available FREE on YouTube.

Robert also has many products available through his website. They are videos that go even deeper in knowledge and practical tools to make deeper changes.

Now you can also become a FasterEFT Practitioner by purchasing his all-inclusive Ultimate Training Package, which includes every DVD he ever made, plus training manuals and books.

This is one of the most direct and simple but profound methods of healing out there. It has been proven to outperform years of therapy and other modalities.

This is not just another healing modality.

It gets to the point and helps people make changes fast! It also empowers people to continue the work on their own and not be dependent on therapists or practitioners, to take responsibility for their own healing.

This is what most are looking for… Search no more.

Do the research and watch free videos online and see for yourself. Learn how to release and let go of past traumas and limiting beliefs that hold you back from the life you want. FasterEFT addresses the core of these issues and does so fast!

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