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Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

Why & How Affirmations Work


Words Really Are Powerful

Words evoke emotions.
Words create images in our minds.
Words can persuade.
Words can truly transform the course of history.

Affirmations are positive statements that activate your mind to accomplish great things.

Affirmations are the same when combined with powerful visualization techniques where you create mental images that allow you to SEE your success in your mind.

Affirmations, PROGRAM your mind with positive thoughts and actions and help you FOCUS ON and ACHIEVE your goals.

If you struggle with a negative self-image, you might use Affirmations such as:

I deeply and completely love & accept myself and trust the process of life.

It is safe for me to just let go.

My vision for my future is real and it is within me, right now.

Your mind is always open and receptive to the words and the thoughts that come from you, so through the power of positive repetition, your mind will constantly be working to empower you, to become true to your goals and your authentic purpose.

All affirmations must be in the present tense – the focus is always on the now. The past is used as building blocks for a really positive future – by this I mean, that when the foundations of our minds was being formed – when we are children our Parents, Teachers and Carers give us a foundation, according to their beliefs, myths and their upbringing.

Right now we know that we have CHOICE, and so now is the perfect time for us to exercise that freedom and reprogram our own mind in a way that will inspire us to feel the joy on the pathway to success and happiness.

It is really important for you to understand that the mind will never process any negatives.

If you where to say “I do not want to eat unhealthy food” the brain actually hears: “I want to eat unhealthy foods”.

If you say: “I am NOT fat.” your brain actually hears “I AM fat.”

Another common thought “I will never ever do it that way” your brain hears “I will do it that way” exactly the opposite of your intention.

If you say: “I am NOT going to smoke.” your brain hears “I AM going to smoke.”

So instead, you must spin your affirmations into a positive statement. For example:

I am healthy and deserve the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

I give myself permission to know all is well and I am safe.

All my heart’s desires come to me in the perfect time.

I follow my own true purpose with blessed clarity of mind.

Thinking these thoughts and creating powerful pictures, in our mind, gives YOU the amazing opportunity to create a future very different to your present reality, where your fears, worries, and weaknesses are completely replaced with confidence, strengths and success.

You CAN transform your life.

You CAN reach your goals.

You simply have to GIVE YOURSELF permission to do so, then DO IT.