Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

Contact Sue:
0418 542 025

Personalised Affirmations


Create Your Own Affirmations

When you decide to fully embrace your life and create a life filled with joy, peace, love and abundance, an important step is to let go of that childhood mindset that no longer works for you. Creating your own personal CD can be a magnificent new beginning.

When you use your own voice and your own affirmations, you can attract amazing experiences into your life. This is most certainly a way for you to move forward in your life in a very positive way.

Here’s What To Do Next…

Step 1:

Reflect deeply on exactly what messages you may want to empower you.
This process works better if you can choose no more than 10 affirmations

Step 2:

Record your messages in MP3 format, expressing as much positive feeling as you can.

Step 3:

Email your recording to us. It’s that simple!
Very soon, Sue McDonald herself will email back your very own MP3 personalised CD.

  • You will receive about 30 minutes of power packed information for your unconscious mind to absorb, using your own thoughts and your voice. If you’re not comfortable hearing your own voice, Sue can record your Affirmations, and add her voice into the audible part of your CD. But the most powerful part of this version, your own voice – will be embedded into the music and goes straight to your unconscious mind! You may also choose to have your recording all subliminal, if that is what you prefer.
  • What happens next
    Over a period of around 28 days, be aware of the wonderful changes that manifest into your life. It’s important to understand that greater impact can be achieved if you dedicate special “time out” on consecutive days for the 28 day period.

You’re not alone.

If you’d like to contact Sue McDonald at the Academy of Awakening to discuss your special needs, you may email her to arrange a webcam or telephone consultation.