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Contact Sue:
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Manifestation Gold: Only Love Heals


Knowing that you are loved, and loveable – from every level of your being is simply the basic foundation of all our existence.

This wisdom – delivered straight to the unconscious mind of our Children (SleepTalk for Children) is such a powerful way of giving your Children a beautiful positive gift for life.

It is the same for adults, the gift that you can give yourself is the absolute “knowing” that you are ENOUGH.


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Only Love Heals

This Mp3 is my signature, my belief and most importantly, my truth:


Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding,
mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty
through good and bad times. It settles for less
than perfection and makes allowances for
human weaknesses.

Ann Landers


Love is thought-provoking, yet without thought. Love is having everything and knowing nothing, yet it is knowing everything and having nothing too. Love is the closeness of togetherness, and love is the solitude of isolation. Love is inspiration, intuition, joy. Yet it is also heartbreak and loneliness and solitude.

Love is the trembling excitation of newness, and the shaking of the grief of loss. Love is a slow and steady pace, yet too, it is the exuberance that makes us want to run and dance and sing. Love is ecstasy and misery, sureness and confusion. Love makes us feel as if we could do anything, yet love also makes us feel like nothing at all at times.

Love is being light-headed and dizzy, yet love is feeling heavy and as if about to die. Love is the slow and steady heart, yet the flutter of its racing too. It is freedom, yet it can also be the bars of a prison found deep within, Love is ageless and timeless and without dimension, yet love is here and now in this moment of forever.

Love is ancient and new and ever-becoming. Love is what we always and ever and never can have, for love is dynamic. Love is the worth and the meaning and the quality of hope and hopelessness. Love is the glory of enlightenment and the darkness of unknowing.

By loving the self, fear gradually begins to dissipate because the individual whose life is ruled by love and who has chosen love as the primary benchmark for how he lives his life, is an individual for whom fear – of dis-ease – no longer looms large as it does for the person who has not yet made such choices.


My Husband and I just recently were involved in the Nice France airport, early the next morning after the absolute atrocities that devastated so many, on the Promenade on the evening of July 14th 2016.

The traumatized minds that just wanted to escape the terror that flooded their minds, with absolutely debilitating fear, became frozen in time.

We connected with some, and others connected with us, we felt almost too overwhelmed, for a short period – I knew that the healing had began. We inspired them to get the healing that they richly deserved from a support system so that their minds and bodies would rise above those who could not heal the traumas of their childhood and their beliefs of self loathing.

My Husband and I spent our holiday touring, and being beautifully hosted by France, and asked the question of many regarding the experiences that they were experiencing at the moment, and we both felt, what they where saying was that “they” would not bring them down, it bonded them even closer together, rather than separating them.

United we stand, divided we will fall “Only Love Heals”


Affirmations silenced on this Mp3

I am enough

I am loved and loveable

I love and approve of myself.

Life supports and loves me.

I believe in myself

I am positive, confident and calm

I am happy and healthy

I am free and safe to be me

I am confident, calm and motivated

I am enough

I forgive myself deeply and freely. I am at peace

I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself

As I change my thoughts, the world around me changes.

I achieve the results that make me happy

The choices I make empower me to achieve the results I richly deserve

I recognize the many good qualities I have.

My mind is full of gratitude for my lovely and wonderful life.

I am loved and I am lovable. Strength. Courageous Peaceful and always Calm

I love and accept myself unconditionally.

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